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This page contains links to my blog posts that you (or I!) might want to be able to find without delving back into the blog archives.


As of February 5th, 2018, due to the closure of RefugeGrid I have moved my Opensim home and regions. You will find them at:

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Blender TutorialsThis section is divided by approximate skill level and the order you might approach them.




  • Principles of Blender Rigging and Weighting - a multi-part series of tutorials introducing the underlying fundamentals and mechanics of creating and working with rigged mesh and then advancing into the more advanced subjects of tri- and quad-bone weighting techniques
    • Part I -  basic armature and motion with bone envelope binding
    • Part II - vertex group binding and effects of a single weight
    • Part III - basic weight generation and double-weight balancing and effects
    • Part IV - looking at the standard avatar armature
    • Part V - looking at the "fitted mesh" avatar armature
    • Part VI - the monster post: fitted mesh rigging and weighting. IMPORTANT updated weight transfer settings for Blender 2.77 and later are in this post.
    • Part VII - custom mesh avatars
    • Part VIII - tri-weighting and quad-weighting techniques


Paramour Multi-Animation Controller (PMAC) Info

This section contains information relating to the Paramour Multi-Animation Controller system (PMAC).

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