Friday, 7 July 2017

MAJOR RELEASE: PMAC 2.5 with RLV and Lockguard Add-Ons

This release updates my Paramour Multi-Animation Controller system with a few small enhancements and is accompanied by the release of two brand new add-on that now makes a PMAC system fully RLV and LG capable. For the convenience of creators, I've also added a same script to convert existing RLV and LG content from a MLP system to a PMAC syste.

Due to the nature of the items and issues with script portability between Opensim versions, this release is entirely web-based -- you'll find links here taking you to the relevant scripts.

 PMAC 2.5 Core

 The core script has received only a few small enhancements and is fully compatible with all previous versions. There are no changes to the previous core functionality. You needn't update to 2.5 unless you specifically want one of the new features, most of which are geared towards creators who have requested a few handy utilities.
  • NEW: added configuration option to allow remote control of a PMAC object by touching it.
    The toucher must satisfy the user configuration options but no longer needs to be seated on the PMAC object. The remote user has full access to all menus and options they would have if they were using it but DO NOT USE THIS TO ENTER OR CHANGE THINGS IN EDIT MODE! (It will actually probably work just fine if you do but I haven't tested it thoroughly enough to be confident that it won't cause problems.)

    This configuration option is disabled by default. You can enable it in the core script's user settings section or by adding a line to your configuration notecard:
  • TWEAK: if an invalid name is supplied for the default start group but PMAC is able to find any other menu notecards, it will warn you about the incorrect configuration and load the first of the discovered menu cards instead. Note: NO PERMISSION CHECK is done for that card.
  • TWEAK: in EDIT mode, the dialog box text is updated for each pose to show the names of the current animations being played. This is simply a convenience thing for creators and has no functional effect.
  • TWEAK: In EDIT mode, there is now a button allowing you to delete the current animation. This does not request confirmation and simply deletes the currently-playing animation from the menu's list. If you store the card, it will persist this removal. The revert button will not restore the pose...the only way to undo is to leave edit mode without saving changes and then either switch to a different group (which flushes the altered data) or to reset the PMAC system.

    Note that this DOES NOT clean up your inventory (since it's possible that the animations themselves might be used by other poses) so you'll need to manually delete any animations from inventory that aren't necessary.
  • TWEAK: In EDIT mode, there is now a swap button that will only work when the pose is for two positions. The swap actually swaps all position 1 animation data with all position 2 animation data (vs regular mode swap which just swaps the avatars' position assignment). IT DOES NOT SWAP ANY COMMANDS so if you're using any add-ons with position-based commands you'll need to edit those manually later.
The new PMAC 2.5 Core script is located HERE. I will also soon be putting a sign in my shopping region which will provide a link to this release announcement when clicked on.

NEW ADD-ON: Full RLV Support

This is in answer to the request I've received the most: "when will PMAC support RLV?" The answer is that PMAC has always supported it via an add-on; it just needed someone to write one. With the invaluable assistance of  +Walter Balazic, Dirk Mathers, and +Toy McBride of Littlefield Grid I can now release the new "..addon PAO RLV" add-on which does exactly that.
  • NEW: added a new RLV add-on which gives PMAC full support for the RLV API v2.9 (see
  • NEW: Included in this add-on is an integrated capture/release utility registered to the Options>Specials menu.
  • This add-on is 100% supported by the new PMAC2.5 ability to control the menus without being a seated user
  • The add-on supports the older (pre v1.10) RLV itmes that are most-often seen in Opensim which requires each command to be sent individually but it also supports the current v2.9 API that allows multiple commands to be sent in a single string. This dual support is on a per-object level (so your entire item must use one format or the can't mix them within a system).
This is intended for creators who have solid working knowledge of both the PMAC and RLV systems. There are a ton of different variations out there in the metaverse and it is completely impossible for me to support every one of them so if you encounter issues unique to your item you need the expertise to solve that issue yourself via modifying the script(s) and/or set-up. DO NOT flood my IM box with support requests.

I will post a tutorial sometime in the next week or two to cover the basics of both this and the Lockguard add-ons for anyone who needs more detailed instructions than the ones included in the header of the script.

You can download a copy of the new add-on HERE.

NEW ADD-ON: Full LockGuard Support

A companion to the new RLV add-on, this separate add-on adds the ability to draw particle chains/ropes/whatever using the LockGuard v2 protocol. Again, big thanks to the people at LFG who kindly provided their time and expertise to answer my questions as I wrote this.
  • NEW: added new POA Lockguard add-on which gives PMAC full support for the LSL Lockguard Protocol as defined in the Wiki (
  • I have only written and tested this for LGv2. If you have an older system it's possible some changes will be needed
 Again, this add-on is intended for creators who are already familiar with the systems. I successfully tested this with multiple common items but yours might require some adjustment to work properly depending on the item and version. You need to have a sufficient level of expertise to feel comfortable doing this yourself.

As mentioned above, I will supply a brief tutorial sometime in the next couple of weeks to walk you through adapting or creating a basic system.
You can download a copy of the new add-on HERE.


For creators and users with existing MLP systems with RLV and/or LockGuard elements, I am offering a sample converter script that I have written and used successfully to convert a dozen or so test objects. I cannot guarantee that it will work for your specific item, but there's a reasonable chance that it will or can be made to do so with only very minor tweaks.

You will first need to ensure that your starting system is completely functional since I made no attempt at all to catch or correct errors. If your starting system is broken, it will still be broken after conversion. Assuming you have a fully working MLP object, make a copy of it a then....:
  • use the MLP to PMAC conversion utility that Seth wrote and is included in the PMAC 2.0 builder's kit to convert the main system from MLP to PMAC (you can get this in my shop at Shopping)
  • after conversion, add in the assorted required items (edit handle, base animation, core PMAC 2.5 script, etc) and test to ensure poses are working as expected (except the RLV/LG components won't be yet).
  • make a copy of this converted version just in case anything goes wrong during the next step
  • drop the new MLP RLV/LG conversion script into the will read the RLV and CHAINDATA cards and then attempt to locate the corresponding poses and write the correct commands into the menu notecard data, saving the new result and deleting the old
  • now drop in the PAO RLV and/or PAO LockGuard add-ons (whichever your system uses)
  • finally, reset the core PMAC 2.5 script...with any luck you now have a perfectly working system
I cannot possibly support broken systems or all of the assorted versions and combinations out there in the metaverse. I'm offering this "AS IS" and if you run into issues you'll need to sort them out yourself to figure out how best to adapt an old system to a new one. In some cases it might be faster and easier simply to configure a PMAC one from scratch.

The system integrates a capture capability which is registered to the SPECIAL menu (in OPTIONS). The capture range is set in the RLV addo-on script header.

You can download a copy of the sample conversion script HERE.

PMAC RLV & LockGuard Tutorial

Yes, I will be doing one sometime in the next couple of weeks and will post a link to it here once it is completed.

In the meantime, here is a link to a sample notecard that is from an object that is set up for 2 users and incorporates both RLV and LG for one of them.