Wednesday, 3 August 2016

RELEASE: Paramour Clubmaster Dance Machine v2.1

I'm happy to announce the release of the Paramour Clubmaster Dance machine v2.1.

This is a minor revision/update and is in most ways identical to version 2.0 in terms of features and contents. The new version contains only the following two changes:

Shorter Script

An issue was discovered where certain viewers (notably the current version of Singularity) were truncating the main danceball script if it was opened or edited using that viewer. Firestorm users were unaffected.

To resolve this problem required reducing the overall script length (technically, reduce its character count) which posed a problem as it was already as "lean" as it could be without making it unreadable for people interested in modding it. However, since very few people modify the set-up and those who do are typically able to do their own error-checking, I decided to remove the entire debugging and error-checking utility which was optional (and disabled by default) in version 2.0. In doing so, I was able to bring the script down comfortably under Singularity's limit without in any way affecting normal performance.

Less Spam

I've had a few requests to reduce the chat spam when a couples poseball self-destructs due to someone not sitting on it or having vacated it. I've altered the poseball script to stop it from saying anything at all, now, and will simply notify the other ball's occupant instead. Otherwise it will be silent.

Do I Need To Update my v2.0 Ball?

If you use Firestorm to edit scripts and don't mind a bit of chat spam from the couples poseballs, no. There are no other changes to functionality or contents and you can continue using v2.0.

Where Can I Get the New One?

The main place to obtain a copy is to pick one up from my Paramour Shopping region in RefugeGrid. You can get there by hypergridding to: Shopping
You'll find the boxed version of the danceball in the middle of the three pyramid-shaped buildings, on the wall beside the assorted club dance items. While you're here, have a look around and see if there's anything else you'd like.

As always, my products are free so don't hesitate to come and get one. If you really enjoy my products and want to help me a little with the cost of keeping the shopping region available, I'd encourage you to make a donation (even a very small one) to RefugeGrid...there's a sign on the wall of the building that you can click to take you to the web page where you can do so securely. Believe me, every little bit helps immensely and is very, very much appreciated!

EDIT: I had one person who picked up a copy earlier today from my shopping region who discovered upon getting home that it wasn't full perm. If that happens to anyone else, you can try taking a new copy or you can go ahead and use God Mode to force permissions...the danceball, script and animations should all be full perm.

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