Tuesday, 2 August 2016

IMPORTANT NOTICE re Paramour Dancemaster v2.0 Danceballs

A couple of recent issues I've been trying to help people solve with the Paramour Dancemaster v2 Danceball have uncovered an interesting issue: if you open and edit the main script using the Singularity viewer, it truncates the script at line 937 which then causes it to fail to work and there is no (easy) solution. This is caused by a character limits for script length that appear to be shorter in that viewer than they are with Firestorm or Kokua.

I will be preparing a new version of the script that trims out my instructions, comments, formatting, and changes variable names to be very short (and non-intuitive) variable names to bring the total script length down under the Singularity limit. In the interim, please do not edit and save this script using the Singularity viewer. You may safely use Firestorm (which I use) and I believe Kokua would also be fine.

I will post a notice once the new version is ready.