Sunday, 8 May 2016

RELEASE: Paramour Skirt Builder Utility

It gives me pleasure to announce a new release: a flexi-prim skirt-building utility based on the very popular opensource "primskirtbuilder" by Daltonic.

This utility comes about as a request from Isis Ophelia who had a copy of the original SL script and asked whether I could adapt it to work under Opensim. After some rewrites I was able to make it work, although there is currently a bug in Opensim that requires a dialog work-around. This new release is the product of that work and is released under the same GPU license as the original.

The utility is essentially a "super loop-rez" script used to help make flexi-prim skirts. In addition to doing all the nasty math necessary to rez a nice flared circle of prims, this version of it also supplies special control prims to make the creation process even easier.

When you touch or sit on the main controller pad, you will be asked to choose how many prims to use for the skirt, and then rez them. The utility then rezzes the initial skirt as well as two special controller prims. One prim is used to change the shape, size, texture and flexi settings of the skirt's prims, and the other is used to change the shape and arrangements of the prims (the waist width in the x and y directions, the "saddle" shape, and its "poof" angle). When you change a control prim, it is updated immediately for the skirt.

Once you're finished, simply click "link" and the utility assembles and links your finished skirt.

You can pick up a copy for free from my shopping region: Shopping

You'll find it in the central pyramid-shaped building, on the wall with other boxed products.


A few people have asked me about good starting parameters if you switch to a cylinder shape. It will depend a bit on what you're making and how many prims you're rezzing but here is a starting point that you might find useful:
  • Size: make the x and y sizes approximately the same...I'll often begin with 0.5m
  • Path Cut: start 0.35 to end 0.65
  • Hollow: 95% (or 99%)
  • Taper: -0.5 to as much as -0.8 for both taper directions

This will give you the traditional arc-inward segments that are used for many flexi-prim skirts.

If you switch back to a cube you'll need to revert those settings back to zero them.

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