Friday, 18 March 2016

Release: "The Dancer" Series 01-05 Statues

I've recently begun work on a new series of dance renders in Blender -- as anyone who has been following me in G+ will have seen. The response to them has been very positive so I spent some time over the last day or two to make lower resolution versions of each to use as statues in Opensim. Today, I'm releasing the first five of the set.

Caveat: while they're significantly lower resolution than the ones I'm using for my Blender renders, they are not low res by Opensim standards. The combination of figure, hair and dress for each statue is a little under 100k tri and would be unsuitable for higher traffic regions or servers with limited bandwidth. (For the curious, my render versions are well over 3 million quads/6 million tri for each render.)

Each statue is in 3 pieces -- body & hair, dress, and plinth (base) -- and is full perm to scale and texture any way you like. I supply it with a yellowish-white marble.

Body and hair are separate materials zones and could be given different textures/tones. You can unlink and remove the plinth if you'd prefer to use a different one (or none at all). You could remove the dress, too, although the portions of the figure underneath it haven't been tweaked/remodeled/optimized so there could be some unsightly creases or bends that are normally hidden by the dress.

As always, the statues are free and available in my shopping region at Shopping. Currently they're inside the pyramid structure that you'll see to your right when you follow the path to the base of the hill from your arrival point. For those who haven't visited before, you'll also discover over 150 other statues scattered throughout the region, in addition to my club items, NPC items, and art painting collection. It's all free.


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