Friday, 12 February 2016

RELEASE: Paramour Table Dancer 2.0

I'm happy to announce the release of my Table Dancer 2.0 burlesque table-dancing set which, I think, now completes more than two months of work to make all of my core Paramour products support the changes made to Opensim 0.9 while still keeping them fully compatible with existing 0.8.x grids and regions up to and including the current official version.

The new version of the Table Dancer is a major overhaul of the original:
  • The table is now a "1-prim" mesh object, custom-made to fit the main table-dance sequence and has 5 separate material surfaces, letting you texture it any way you like (using face select in your editor). The original table was a simple 15-prim object.
  • The system is now powered by PMAC 2.0, making it even more efficient than the original custom script and also very easy to add more dances, remove dances, or adjust positions.
  • Includes the same 20-minute looping sequence that was in the original. The table is configured to use this 42-animation sequence by default and plays it using the new auto-sequencing feature.
  • Unlike the original table, you can also stop at any animation to keep playing it...and each animation is self-looping. Then just re-engage auto when you're ready to resume.
  • I also included more than 60 additional animations, grouped into four different (very roughly) sequenced sets. These are animations from my Clubmaster dance ball that are generally of a "burlesque" nature and where the dancer doesn't move too far. They're all pre-positioned to have you dancing on the table top (if you have a very tall avatar you might find that a few don't "fit" you and extend beyond the table).
  • The system is completely compatible with NPCS and works in both Opensim 0.9 and all Opensim 0.8.x regions but requires that OSSL functions are enabled for the owner.
Like all of my products, the Table Dancer 2.0 set is free!

You can pick up a copy from my shopping region at: Shopping

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