Sunday, 21 February 2016

RELEASE: Paramour Polemaster Lite Dancepole

It gives me great pleasure to announce the release of the new "Paramour Polemaster Lite" multi-user dancepole.

This is a reworked version of my regular Polemaster dancepole but designed for very high volume regions (typically clubs) where you want to squeeze every possible bit of performance out of the simulator. By stripping out some features of the regular version and changing a few others, the "Lite" version will now typically use 0 sim resources when not in active use, and then use only 1/20th of the resources when active.It still has all of the core features of the main version...multi-user, synched animations, sequences, etc..

What's Different?

  • All of the key features remain the same as the regular version. The dancepole still has all of the same animations as the regular version (141 of them!), playing in sequence, and supports as many users as you want to try to squeeze onto it (by default it's set to a maximum of 4 dancers but you can go wild and shoehorn dozens on there if you want to). The pole is 100% NPC compatible.
  • The Lite version has been tested works perfectly under both Opensim 0.8.x and the development version of Opensim 0.9 (requires a script setting change to adjust for the different sit target offset).
  • The dialog menu is gone. Some of the controls are still in the script's user settings, but can't be changed on the fly. Others have been removed when they are no longer relevant.
  • Particle effects have all been removed since they incur a simulator load penalty.
  • The main dancepole is a new, single-piece, low-poly mesh with 5 material zones that you can texture any way you want.
  • The cage is a lower poly separate mesh. If you aren't going to display it, simply unlink and delete it so your sim doesn't have to send that data to your visitors. If you might want to change it back to a cage verison on a regular basis, simply make it transparent instead.
  • The 8 little potlights on the base can be hidden or displayed via a setting in the script. In the regular version the individual colour of each is controlled, but that adds to the overhead so in the Lite version they're all always changed to the same colour each time and are a single "face" of the new pole's mesh.
  • Optionally, there's a setting in the script to make the dancepole a colour-changing neon that will match the potlights (if visible). The mount at the base and the ball at the top remain metal (or whatever texture you give them). Making it neon will cause it to use slightly more resources due to the lighting changes necessary.
  • The lighting gantry and 4 spotlights are gone. Instead, there is a separate spotlight object supplied (it's inside the dancepole's inventory) that you can rez and position wherever you want. Then enable the controller script (a setting in the main controller) and the dancepole will change the spotlights' colours too (though of course each spotlight adds a little bit to the load on the sim). If you aren't using them, just disable the setting and it will use no resources at all.
  • If you want to mimic a spotlight effect without the spotlights, there's an optional setting to have the pole itself act as an area light (even if it isn't neon). The effect isn't perfect, though, and it's only a little bit lower in load so in most cases I'd suggest just using a single spotlight instead.
  • The base can be hidden via an optional setting in the script, leaving only the mounting bracket at the base of the pole.
  • Animation and positioning handling were streamlined a little bit to optimize them. Functionally it's identical.
  • By default, when the dancepole isn't in use by someone the lights will freeze at their current colour settings and the script will become dormant, using zero frame time until someone begins to use it, You can change this via a script setting if you prefer to have it continue even when not in use (although it will then use a small amount of sim resources even when not being danced on).
Depending on exact configuration and options, the Lite version uses about 1/20th of the total frame time of the regular version (and the regular version is still quite sim-friendly) during use, and by default uses no resources at all when nobody is dancing on it.

If you want the extra fancy features of the regular one, it continues to be available and fully supported. The Lite version is simply an optional model for high volume clubs (or people who love the neon pole :p).

Where Can I Get It?

As with all my products, the Paramour Polemaster Lite is completely free and distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

You can see it in action in one of its configurations in my Hedonism club region (those ones aren't set for sale). Get your own boxed version from my shopping region. Simply do a map search for: Shopping
You'll find it on the wall in the middle of the three pyramid-shaped buildings.