Thursday, 11 February 2016

RELEASE: Paramour Country Line Dance Floor v1.1 (Updated)

This morning I updated my Country Line Dancing Floor product to make it compliant with the assorted changes made to Opensim 0.9 and put the new version out in my shopping region. While I was at it, I also made a couple other changes/enhancements. Here's what's new:

  • NPCs are now compatible with the changes made to Opensim 0.9 parcel permissions. If you restrict access to your parcel and are using a build of Opensim 0.9 from January 5, 2016 or later, simply ensure that the line dancing floor is set to the same group as the parcel and NPCs will no longer be evicted. If you use a version of 0.9 prior to that (and possibly some of the short-lived 0.8.3 builds) you will need to set your parcel to public access. Opensim 0.8.x is unaffected and I kept the floor fully compatible with those regions too.
  • The change to Opensim 0.9's sit targets was already something the floor could easily be adjusted for, so no update was required for that.
  • The floor now includes all of the new NPCs that are in the most recent release of my Paramour Clubmaster danceball system (more than 20 different NPCs now, thanks to community donations!)
  • I added a new option to help you figure out which (if any) NPC notecards aren't displaying correctly in your grid. This is common since your grid won't be able to display any NPCs that it doesn't already know all the assets for, so now you can set a "debugNPCS" option to have it show the appearance notecard name as the NPC's name instead. This lets you quickly identify and delete any notecards that can't be displayed in your grid.
  • I began using a different per-avatar capsule height adjustment method in the PMAC system which I find is a little better at adapting positions to accommodate different avatar heights. I ported that method into the line dance floor so this should help to keep people's feet a little closer to the ground (although it's never possible to get it exactly perfect).
There are no other changes so there's no great urgency to update your system if you're happy with your current one. If you do, you can just drop the new script into your old one if you've made changes/customizations to it (after also copying over any special settings you need to preserve from your old one).

Just a reminder: you can use this product for any group dancing system where you want everyone nicely arrayed. Just swap out the country line dance animations for whatever dance animations you want to use, set a suitable timer value, and reset the script. You can also add your own NPCs any time you want (without a script reset). You're also perfectly free to change the texture to something else you prefer.

As always, it's free!

You can get it from my shopping region: Shopping

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