Wednesday, 10 February 2016

MAJOR RELEASE: Paramour Multi Animation Controller (PMAC) v2.0 and More!

It gives me great pleasure to announce the simultaneous release of five new products, just in time for Valentine's Day:
  • The next generation of the Paramour Multi-Animation Controller: PMAC 2.0 which is supplied in the same sort of "builder's kit" format as its predecessor. This is a full-featured and highly efficient alternative to systems like MLP and even includes the easy-to-use MLP-to-PMAC conversion script by +Seth Nygard 
  • The new "PAO-NC Multi-Props 2.0" add-on for PMAC that replaces the NC Props 1.x add-on by +Neothar Cortex  and extends its functionality to allow rezzing of multiple props (the original version only supported just a single prop).
  • A new update to my PAO Msg Object add-on that now extends functionality by allowing you to target objects by name instead of UUID if you prefer. You can even use a single message to trigger multiple objects with the same name.
  • A new add-on "PAO Simple Messenger v1.0" which is a variation on the PAO MsgObject add-on.
  • The new "Paramour Chair Dancer 2.0" system, an overhaul of my old version of the product that adds several dozen more animations and is now powered by PMAC2.0
The three updated/new add-ons are included in the PMAC 2.0 Builder's Kit.

To provide full details for each of these would require an enormous blog post so I'll only highlight the most important changes to each. All of them make use of Opensim's OSSL functions so you'll need a region where those are enabled for you.

Paramour Multi-Animation Controller - PMAC 2.0 Builder's Kit

This product contains the core PMAC2.0 system which has all of the features of PMAC 1.0 and then adds a host of new capabilities, most of which I detailed in my recent sneak peek preview post. It also makes the system compatible with the changes made in Opensim 0.9 while preserving compatibility with earlier versions as well.

If you have an existing PMAC 1.0 product you can simply replace the core script and it will additional changes are required.

Here is a quick list of the key changes in the new system:
  • NEW: added a new integrated add-on to (optionally) allow variable auto-timed sequences
  • NEW: added a new integrated set of remote control commands that can be called from another script in the PMAC object or even from a script in a remote prim or HUD
  • NEW/TWEAK: PMAC2.0 now supports more than 9 concurrent users/positions (with a couple minor limitations for more than 12).
  • TWEAK: added a compatibility update for NPCs to allow them to work correctly in Opensim 0.9 parcels with access restrictions while also continuing to fully support them on 0.8.x regions
  • TWEAK: added a new  configuration option to have PMAC be "silent"...effectively shutting it up unless it encounters an error (not that it was chatty before, but now it can be made even less so)
  • NEW: added a new configuration option to indicate whether it's only the owner who can access the new remote control commands
  • TWEAK: a few minor tweaks to improve performance or handle corner cases that could produce unexpected results
  • TWEAK: the configuration notecard data is string-trimmed so it won't generate errors if you accidentally include leading/trailing spaces in your notecard
  • SUPPORT: all PMAC 1.x add-ons that I know of are fully compatible with PMAC 2.0, without any modifications required.
  • NEW: for your convenience, the new builder's kit now includes all existing add-ons that I'm aware of: the MLP-PMAC converter by +Seth Nygard , the Content-Giver by Aaack Aardvark, as well as the series of other add-ons that I have written.
  • NEW: the NC Props 1.x add-on by +Neothar Cortex  has now been updated/replaced with the new PAO-NC Multi-Props 2.0 add-on and is included in the builder's kit.
You can find links to more information and tutorials in the PMAC section of my post list. The full details are included in the product's extensive documentation.

PAO-NC Multi-Props 2.0 Add-On for PMAC

Shortly after the release of PMAC 1.0, +Neothar Cortex  wrote and release his excellent NC Props add-on for the system, allowing an animation to rez a single prop to go along with it. Both he and I have subsequently had requests to expand this add-on's capabilities to allow it to rez and manipulate multiple props so that was on the "to do" list for this release. Neo ran out of time and gave me the go-head to write the update, myself, though obviously I leaned heavily on his previous work since there was no point re-inventing the wheel.

  • This add-on can rez as many props as you want on a per-animation basis.
  • If a subsequent animation uses the prop, it is moved to its new desired location. If not, it is removed.
  • The original NC Props 1.x add-on is fully compatible with PMAC 2.0 so you can continue to use it in all existing systems (but you can't use the Multi-Prop add-on in the same system). There is no need at all to replace an existing one unless you need to rez multiple props.
  • The new PAO-NC Multi-Props add-on will work in all existing systems that are set up to use the NC-Props 1.x add-on. You can remove the old NC Props script and replace it with this new one; but you need to enable a setting in the new add-on's script to allow it to correctly position things due to a difference in the way this is handled. This is a little less efficient than the new method but the difference will probably be almost indistinguishable for most systems.
  • The new add-on has an easy-to-use ability to convert those NC Props positions to the new PAO-NC Multi-Props ones, at which point you can disable the legacy support setting and get the new version's fully efficiency.
  • The new version is (fractionally) faster and more efficient than its predecessor.
  • Like the original version, editing and storing new props positions is child's play!
Specific details on how to use it are included in the product's documentation. This is the version of the script that is included in the PMAC 2.0 Builder's Kit.

PAO Msg Object Add-On v1.1

This is a revised version that extends the functionality of my existing PAO Msg Object add-on. The old version is fully compatible with PMAC 2.0 and you can replace it with the new version with no other changes required (it's fully compatible with existing set-ups). This is the version included in the new PMAC 2.0 builder's kit.

The new version does the same thing as the old except it now allows you to specify the name of an object to send messages to instead of having to supply a UUID. When you do so, the add-on looks for any object within the script's set range (32.0m but you can increase this if needed) and will send it the message. If more than one object is found with that name, it sends it to each of them, so you can use a single command to message multiple objects on a per-animation basis.

When specifying target by UUID the range is unlimited (other than it has to be in the same region, even if it's hundreds of meters away in a large var). When specifying by name there are some limits that Opensim imposes on the range and number of objects it can detect. Those can be overridden in your Opensim.ini file but you should do so with caution.

Details are in the product's documentation.

PAO Simple Messenger Add-On v1.0

This something I developed recently as part of a much larger project I'm working on for +Nara Malone and has much the same general functionality of the PAO Msg Object add-on except it doesn't handle things at a per-animation level.

Instead, you specify a list of one or more targets and, for each, a message you'd like sent to to the target when someone first sits down on a PMAC system, and another message you'd like sent to the target when the last person stands up again and PMAC returns to being dormant. This saves you from having to do per-animation set-ups for systems where you just want a simple on/off type of notification. If you want per-animation messaging, use my other add-on instead.

As with the new version of the PAO Msg Object add-on, you can specify targets either by UUID or name. Doing so by UUID allows it to send the message to an object anywhere within the region -- even a very large var -- whereas specifying a name will limit the range but can send it to multiple objects at the same time (if they all have the same name).

Both methods use osMessageObject() to send the message which raises a dataserver event in whatever script you place in your intended targets. This saves you from having to eat up valuable sim resources by leaving a bunch of listeners open all the time.

Like the PAO Msg Object add-on, this is simply a convenient pre-made extension but will still require you to script the target object(s) to do whatever it is you want it to do when it receives the message. Very basic instructions for the receiver script are included in the documentation but it's assumed you know what you're doing in that regard.

This item is included in the new PMAC 2.0 Builder's Kit and details on how to use it are in its accompanying documentation.

Paramour Chair Dancer 2.0

This replaces the old version of my chair dancer product and I have already posted in somewhat more depth about the new version's differences. The major difference is it now uses the PMAC 2.0 system's auto-sequence capability to make it an extremely efficient item to put in a club setting, makes it a lot more flexible, and also makes it a lot easier to modify or adjust. You can even use an add-on to extend its functionality (for instance, to trigger remote lighting or hand a special prop or outfit to the dancer...the sky's the limit).

 Here's a quick list its key features:
  • simple yet elegant 1-prim mesh chair (full perm so you can texture it any way you can be textured separately from the legs/back)
  • 4 sequenced sets of chair-dance animations, each with 10-12 animations lasting 5 minutes or more -- more than 20 minutes combined total
  • each animation is also self-looping -- more than 40 animations in all
  • an additional "play all" sequence that combines all 4 sets into a single loop
  • play through a sequence in full automatic or stop at any time to keep playing the current one, then resume...or just pick any one of the 40+ dances to play
  • easy ability to move the entire set-up into a different chair of your preference
  • full NPC-compatibility

Pricing and Availability

All of the above are released under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license and are completely free.

All are available directly from my shopping region (you'll find them in the middle of the 3 pyramid-shaped structures):
HGTP to Shopping
You may also redistribute them (in their original boxes, and free) so you'll soon be able to find copies available at Nara's Nook, Metropolis, LFG, OSGrid, GCG, Kitely, and many other places throughout the metaverse.

Several commercial vendors have approached me and been granted license to sell products powered by the PMAC system. If you'd like to do the same, please contact me to discuss the details.

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