Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Coming soon...Paramour Chair Dancer 2.0

As part of my testing for the upcoming release of the PMAC 2.0 system I need to confirm that all of the newly added features are working as intended. I'm also in the process of trying to update as many of my existing products to be compatible with both Opensim 0.8.x and Opensim 0.9 so I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone and use PMAC's new auto-sequencing capabilities to power the new version of my "Paramour Chair Dancer" product.

Blender Cycles Render

What's Different?

  • Version 1.0 had its own custom script and fixed settings that you couldn't easily change. Version 2.0 will be powered entirely by the new PMAC 2.0 system, giving you the ability to completely control and adjust any positions, rotations, sequence timing, or any other aspect of its operation -- and do almost all of that on the fly with no notecard or script editing required.
  • Version 1.0 had only a single set of 12 animations lasting about 6 minutes. Version 2.0 has 4 different sets, each with between 10 and 12 animations, and each lasting 5-6 minutes. I also did an option to lump them all into a single looping set where it takes just over 20 minutes before it returns to the beginning. There's a slight "bump" in positions as it switches between sets but otherwise looks nice and smooth (and if you don't like the bump you can just play one set at a time). That's more than 40 animations in total!
  • Even though the animations in Version 1.0 were self-looping, you had no ability to stop the sequence. By powering the entire thing with PMAC 2.0 instead, you can now let it run in auto mode; or you can stop it any time to keep looping through the current animation, then re-engage the auto mode to resume the sequence; or you can simply pick any one of the 40+ animations at any time you like.
  • Version 1 used a simple 14-prim chair that I made several years ago and, frankly, doesn't look very good. The new version is a single mesh (1-prim LI) chair that is (IMO) simple and yet much more stylish and elegant. It was created with 2 material zones so you can easily change the texture of the seat or of the legs/back to anything else you like. You can easily scale it any way you want, too, in case it's too small or too large for you (something that's less easy to do with prims).
  • With version 2.0, if you don't like the supplied chair, you can easily just pull out the "guts" and put them into a different chair, then use PMAC's live editing ability to adjust and store new positions that fit the new object. Version 1.0 had just a single "position" and that had to work for all animations (which is why it only ever contained 1 matched set).
  • With version 1 it was possible to wear it as an attachment and use it somewhere else; but of course it was rather difficult to set up, didn't work in any region where scripts weren't enabled, and the unpredictable nature of the script engine meant that sometimes it would fail to release animation control when you detached it. All in all, not a successful idea so that capability was scrapped in version 2.0.
  • Because the new version is powered by PMAC 2.0 it requires a region where the chair owner has sufficient permissions to use the necessary OSSL functions. Version 1.0 used only LSL functions and didn't have this requirement. The new version is more efficient and uses fewer resources, too, so it's better suited to a club environment.

Where Can I Get It?

Right now, nowhere. I will release it at the same time as I finish testing and release the new PMAC 2.0 system so I can ensure that the system inside the chair is identical to the official release version. My testing is going far better than I'd expected so there's a reasonable chance you'll see it on or about Valentine's Day (Feb. 14, 2016). I'll make an official announcement when I do so.

Once released, you'll be able to pick up a copy from my shopping region (HGTP: RefugeGrid.com:8002:Paramour Shopping). As with all of my products, it will be free.

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