Thursday, 10 December 2015

RELEASE: Paramour Eye Controller Posing HUD

I'm happy to announce the release of a little utility HUD for Opensim portrait photographers that allows you to control your subject's eye direction. It doesn't control their viewer's camera, just the in-world direction their eyes are looking.

When you wear the HUD you'll first need to identify who's eyes you want to control by clicking the HUD's "Target" button. It will supply you with a list of the 10 closest avatars or NPCs, (as well as yourself). Simply pick one.

If you pick someone else's avatar they'll receive a pop-up dialog requesting permission for you to take control of their eyes. For yourself or NPCs, permission is automatically granted (but for a NPC that wasn't created by a script you own the controller script may or may not have sufficient permission to animate).

Once you have permission the HUD will be active and respond when you touch the picture of the eyeball, making the subject's eyes look in approximately that direction.

This is done using a set of 55 custom eye position animations that I created, giving you an array of locations that's 11 wide and 5 high to choose from. The subject will continue to look in that direction until you pick a new one (but they will continue to blink once in a while). The animations are priority 5 so they shouldn't be overridden by any other animations you play unless they're also a very high priority and include eye positions.

When you're done, please remember to click the green "ON" button to turn it off again and release animation controls over your subject's eyes. When you remove the HUD it will attempt to do so automatically but depending on region traffic this can occasionally fail so it's best to manually release first. They can also be canceled by the subject using the viewer's Avatar Health control to stop animations.

You can pick a different target at any time during use. This well release control of any existing subject and request permission from the next.

The script uses OSSL functions so you'll need to have permission to use those in the region you're doing the photography in. The functions used are:
  • osGetAvatarList()  used to build the list of possible targets
  • osIsNpc() used to check whether your subject is an NPC who auto-grants permission
  • osAvatarPlayAnimation() and osAvatarStopAnimation() used to control the actual animation
If you have any of my other products these will probably already all be enabled in your region.

You can pick up a copy from my Paramour Shopping region by HGTPing to then taking the local portal to Paramour Shopping. It's on the wall in the central pyramid where you'll find many of my other utilities (you might want a copy of my photographer's lighting kit too).

As always, it's free.


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