Friday, 18 December 2015

Oh happy day!

The news this week of the upcoming new set of extended bones for SL is extremely exciting, made even better by the announcement from Machinimatrix that Avastar 2.0 beta is now available. For existing owners it's a $15 update to Avastar 1.x which, in my opinion, is quite reasonable considering all the new additions. Something this exciting, I was unable to resist...

And I though you might like to see the details of the new facial animation bones:

In this picture I hid all the bones on the right side of the face so you're only seeing the ones that lie on the axis (mouth, tongue, center nose) and the ones on the left side. I also hid the old mHead and mSkull bones so you're only seeing the newly added ones.

I'm glad that this is available already because I can see it's going to take me many, many hours to get all of my weighting done for my avi. Hopefully by the time the viewer support is available from TPVs and whatever needs to be adapted is done at the Opensim end, I'll have my avi ready.

Colour me excited!

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