Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Hedonism Temporary Closure Dec 7-10

Since there are still quite a few people who go to my Hedonism club to pick up copies of my danceball and other club items I thought I should give a head's up about the region having a planned period of inaccessibility next week.

I'll be hosting my usual Sunday evening party there on Sunday, Dec. 6 then sometime on Monday morning (Dec. 7th) I'll be closing it for several days while the region is replaced with a special Bunker Lounge build for my special "One Night Only Event" and receives some final tweaks. While I'm doing that work there will be no public access to the region and you'll receive a "you aren't authorized to tp here" message if you try to go there, even though it shows as being online.

I expect to re-open the region to the public either late Thursday evening or early Friday morning (Dec. 11th). The big event is in Sunday Dec. 13.

The various products that are normally in the Hedonism Club's lobby will not be included anywhere in the temporary new build but they are all available in my Paramour Shopping region which you can get to by HGTP to RefugeGrid.com:8002 then take the portal to Paramour Shopping. I will also put a portal from the Lounge to the shopping region.

I expect to leave the Bunker Lounge build up in Hedonism region throughout the month of December, then in early January I'll be reverting back to the normal Hedonism Club. At that time I will probably permanently remove the club products from the lobby anyway, keeping Paramour Shopping as the only place I have the boxed "sale" copies.

Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause.

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