Wednesday, 25 November 2015

FYI: Blender 2.76-2.76b bug for "Weight Transfer: Nearest Face Interpolated" has been fixed in latest nightly build

For those who read my previous tutorial on Weight Transfer and/or my series of tutorials on rigging and weighting, I mentioned I'd been struggling to figure out an issue with the "Nearest Face Interpolated" option for weight transfers.

This method had been my "go to" option under 2.75 because, more than any other method, it produced the best starting points for the majority of my transfers; but after some changes to the way weight transfers work in 2.76 I'd been struggling to get consistent results.

It turns out that this was due to a bug introduced as part of other changes to the function and these have now been corrected in the latest beta build. Any nightly build Nov 25th, 2015 or later should include it, and it will be included whenever the next official public build is released.

If you're doing a lot of rigging and weighting and want to take advantage of the function, you can either revert to 2.75 or work using a recent beta (although the betas may have other new bugs introduced by other code changes).

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