Wednesday, 21 October 2015

RELEASE: Venus Series Grows Again and New Art Added

This morning I added another half-dozen pieces to the Venus series of statues at Paramour Shopping. The are initially placed in the "Art Building" -- the western of the three pyramid structures - and will remain there until my next statue release, at which point they'll be moved out onto the region's landscape (which is where you'll now find my previous set of releases).

Venus 55

Venus 56

Venus 57

Venus 58

Venus 59

Venus 60

I also added 22 new paintings to the Art Masters set which are available from the vendor in the same building. That brings the entire collection to nearly 200 works of art from various famous (and not so famous) artists.

As always, it's all free and the statues can be scaled and textured any way you wish, including removing them from their plinths to use elsewhere.

HGTP to then take the local portal to Paramour Shopping.

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