Thursday, 15 October 2015

RELEASE: Paramour Tanning Bed

Tired of those unsightly tan lines? You need the newly released Paramour tanning bed!

When open, lighting system is off and script is idle

This is a sleek, modern-looking mesh tanning bed with a lid that closes when you sit on it and fully customizable lighting effects controlled by a single, ultra-low-low load, custom script -- exactly what you'd expect from any Paramour product -- that also handles your tanning animations. You will need OSSL functions enabled in the region. The script uses no sim resources when idle, and when active uses less than 2ms of frame time per 30 seconds.
Cyan light preset - tanning on back
The bed comes with two very basic animations (because I'm not very good at making them) for tanning on your stomach or back; but you can easily replace these with any other animation(s) you want (with a few minor technical limitations and minimal effort). If more than 1 animation is in the bed's inventory it will cycle through them based on a user-configurable timer.
Violet light preset - tanning on front

There are 4 preset lighting options: cyan, violet, sodium or white and you can choose your lighting during use simply by touching the bed and picking the one you want. You can add more if you like, up to a maximum of 10 different colour options. Only the current user can change colour.

The Paramour Tanning Bed is full perm to allow you to texture it any way you want, and you can tweak or change the lighting effects via user settings at the top of the script (instructions are in the script). DO NOT scale it unless you're prepared to do additional custom set-up work to adjust for the new positions required for the lid, rod and piston. Maybe one day Opensim will allow objects to have armatures and that will no longer be necessary.
End view with sodium light preset and tanning on front

The bed, script and animations are all released under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license and, as usual, it's completely free!

You will find it in the central pyramid building at Paramour Shopping (HGTP to then take the local portal to Paramour Shopping) near the dance animations.

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