Friday, 2 October 2015

RELEASE: New Statues in the "Venus" Series

This afternoon I've added seven and a half new statues to the Venus series of figures, all of which are available at my Paramour Shopping region. Yep, you read that right. One of them has two versions -- one where she's wearing a nightgown and one without -- hence the extra "half". Those of you who follow me on G+ may have seen the Blender render I made of it the other day using skin and fabric textures instead of marble.

I placed almost all of the new pieces at the Temple to Cytheria structure (the Grecian one near the region's landing zone) to fill in the remaining gaps between its columns. The "dressed" Venus is on the path just south of that (near the plinths) and the "regular" version is at the bottom of the hill, near the Fine Art Paintings building, facing across the stream toward a willow tree.

To visit: HGTP to Shopping

Venus 29

Venus 32

Venus 33

Venus 26

Venus 25

Venus 28

Venus 34

Into The Dream (Venus 34)
In case anyone was wondering about the non-sequential numbering of the Venus series, there is actually a reason for it that relates to the photographic references I'm using to create the poses.

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