Saturday, 17 October 2015

BUGFIX: Paramour Tanning Bed

It's with considerable embarrassment that I discovered that the script in the recently released Paramour Tanning Bed has a bug in it that will cause it to fail to display animations correctly if you're currently using an AO that has a sit with animation priority 4 or higher.

I've fixed that in the script, now, but anyone who picked up a copy prior to now (Saturday at 11am grid time) will either need to come grab a replacement copy or you can simply fix the script yourself.

To fix it yourself, open the script and scroll down to line 301 where it says:
while (--stop>-0) { if (llList2Key(anToStop,stop)!=dontStop) osAvatarStopAnimation(user,llList2String(anToStop,stop)); }

The line should read:
while (--stop>=0) { if (llList2Key(anToStop,stop)!=dontStop) osAvatarStopAnimation(user,llList2String(anToStop,stop)); }

[so the condition  is supposed to be --stop>=0 not --stop>-0]

My sincere apologies for the error.

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