Monday, 21 September 2015

RELEASE: Seven New Statues in the Venus Series

This morning I added seven more of my Venus series statues to the Paramour Shopping center region, bringing the full series to 28 pieces (and still growing). As usual they're full perm, allowing you to scale and texture them however you like.

The only downside to the ever expending statue collection is that I'm already running out of space in the main building -- a structure that looked enormous when I first put it in the region and made me wonder how I'd ever make enough things to fill it. Less than two months later, it's cramped and crowded. It's been a productive period.

I spent a little while trying to shoehorn the new additions into the space and eventually gave up because things looked too jam-packed, eventually deciding to place them outside, surrounding the fountain/pool area, as a temporary solution.

To solve the space issue I'll be adding at least one new structure -- if not several -- which will probably require moving the existing building. I'll definitely be moving or re-positioning many of the existing items so if you visit during the renovations please pardon the appearance if things are mid-move. It's also possible that I may need to briefly restrict region access to avoid having an in-bound TP disrupt something; although I'll try to minimize that and do it only at off-peak times.

It's also very likely that my Roman Bath building's public showcase period will be coming to an end earlier than I'd expected it to, to make room for the changes, so if you haven't seen it and want to, don't put it off for more than another day or two.

Once things have settled down again there will likely be lots of empty least until I make new things to fill it with, so I suppose for a little while it will look sparse again in spite of the very large amount of content that's already there. Existing items will almost certainly be shuffled around during the process so you might need to look around a little to relocate a piece if you're returning for one.

My ultimate goal is to make the region a cross between art gallery and shopping center. I should have some finished PMAC-based products to add to it soon, some of which will be for sale and other will be for demo purposes. I may also begin to add some of my other existing artwork that is not available for sale. For any pieces that aren't for public consumption I'll try to remember to put a "not for sale" notice in the item's description so visitors will know it's not an oversight. If you see something that isn't for sale and doesn't have that in its description, please don't hesitate to ask. Items that aren't for sale are typically because they use a copyrighted commercial texture or include an animation that I don't have permission to redistribute.

My apologies in advance for the region's appearance during construction or for any access disruption caused by the upheaval.

To visit: HGTP to then take the local portal to Paramour Shopping.


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