Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Paramour Shopping Renovation

I'm happy to announce that the Paramour Shopping region has been given a major renovation to create room for the ever-expanding content and hopefully make it a little more visually appealing. It's now more of a cross between art exhibit and shopping rather than a single large, somewhat ugly, cluttered building.

Even more exciting, because of the high level of traffic my region was receiving, Paramour Shopping has now been moved from my own personal (slow!) server onto the main Refuge Grid servers. This will result in drastic improvements in the region's load time for you, make it reliably available 24/7, and make the transfer of assets go far faster and more smoothly when you "buy" something. The move to the RG Server may require you to re-create your landmark for it if you've visited in the past. I can't begin to thank Seth Nygard enough for making this a viable move.

Yes, everything in the region is still completely free, but donations are both welcome and greatly appreciated. The move to the main RG server was, in part, made possible by this.

When you visit you'll arrive in the south-east corner of the region where I've recreated a portion of my Temple to Cytheria build - an open Grecian-styled temple I made for OSG7B. There's a NPC greeter there to answer some basic questions about the region and give directions.

You'll also see three pyramid-shaped structures towards the center of the region which are now the "shops". Over time I will likely need to add at least one more (and have space to do so).

The eastern pyramid contains all of the fine art paintings that were on the walls of the previous region's building. Rather than try to display them all (which meant sending 160+ textures to the visitor's viewer) it now uses a vendor system. Instructions are on the wall inside the building.

The center pyramid contains all of the animation vendors from the old building. It also has all of my scripted club items like the Paramour Dancemaster dance ball, and the Polemaster system. Look for the boxed versions on the nearby wall. The PMAC system and add-ons are also here.

The western pyramid is set aside as an exhibit and shop for Valerie Llauke, another Refuge Grid resident who creates very interesting and lovely work that's a great contrast to my own. It will probably take her a little while to arrange her shop so you'll want to check back in a week or two once she has her art up on display.

I've also decided to keep my Roman Bath build in the region, making it a permanent exhibit (at least for now) and possible location for smaller-scale parties. You'll find it in the north-west corner of the region. The murals on its walls are all paintings you'll find in the vendor at the Fine Art building.

All of my statues are now scattered throughout the region so they're far less jumbled and crammed together. Each series is in the same general area, though, except for the large Venus set which are distributed throughout the region. I haven't added any new ones during the course of the renovation although I have a handful that I'm working on and will likely be released in the next week or two.

Rather than being click-to-buy, the statues are all now set to allow you to right-click and copy them instead. This includes the statues inside, around, and on top of the Roman Bath building as well as the ones at the Temple. You'll find assorted plinths (bases) on the path just south of the Temple that you can use for any of the statues (or make your own or don't use one at all). All are modifiable so you can scale and texture them any way you like to make them more suitable for your location and build.

Many of the trees (which are made by other creators) are also set to allow copy where I had permission to do so. I'll gradually be adding more landscape elements and various miscellaneous bits and pieces that (where possible/allowed) I will also set to allow you to copy. Sorry, there are some items that are not for sale and simply included to make it a nicer place to visit.

When you visit you might want to experiment with a variety of windlight settings other than the region's default soft afternoon lighting. Harsher, more angular light (dawn/sunset) will accentuate the advanced materials on the Roman Bath building, in particular (requires Advanced Lighting enabled so you'll need to be in ultra graphics mode to see it). Most of the marble statues also have subtle specular mapping.

Hopefully the net result of the renovation will be a more aesthetically pleasing region while still making if fairly easy to "shop" for things. It also gives me a more flexible space to work with, allowing me to provide even more offerings to the community. I welcome any feedback or suggestions you might have to further improve it.

To visit, HGTP to Refuge Grid, then take the local portal to Paramour Shopping, or you can direct TP by doing a map search for "refugegrid.com:8002:Paramour Shopping".