Thursday, 24 September 2015

Paramour and Paramour Shopping Offline Temporarily

This is just a FYI for anyone attempting to TP to either my Paramour or Paramour Shopping region. Both will likely be offline for the next 24-48 hours.

My ISP is experiencing some sort of network or line issue and have dispatched technicians to fix it, but until they resolve the problem my connection will be intermittent at best and thus those regions -- which are self-hosted -- can't be reliably kept online. Rather than having people visit and then crash out while there, or have things they pick up failing to transfer correctly, I've decided to take them down until my ISP notifies me that they've fixed things at their end.

I'm very sorry for any inconvenience that anyone has experienced in the last week or so while this issue has been getting progressively worse, and apologize to anyone who has attempted to get there and failed. I'll post another notice once things are back up again. Hopefully that will be sometime Friday.

UPDATE: Sept 25

 It appears that the issue has now been resolved (my ISP technician mumbled some techno-babble about signal-to-noise ratio somewhere in their system) so I've brought both regions back online. Hopefully things will go back to working perfectly (albeit slowly) once more.

UPDATE: Sept 25 later in the day

Nope, it's acting up again with anywhere from 15%-30% dropped packets so I'm taking them back offline again.

UPDATE: Sept 27

Everything is back online again. Hopefully this time they've found and fixed the issue.

Update: Sept 29

With the region renovations I have now arranged for it to be moved to the main Refugegrid server which should completely eliminate any issues of it being available in the event that I have further ISP issues.

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