Thursday, 3 September 2015

NEW RELEASE: Five New Statues at Paramour Shopping

This week I've increased Paramour Shopping's sculpture collection with five new statues that might be of interest to the VR art collector.

Earlier this week I added a pair from a new "draped" series I've been experimenting with. I pose the figure, then drape and pin a sheet of fabric to it, then use Blender's cloth simulation (and some post-work) to get the desired effect. The two I've added are the best results I've achieved to date, both using almost the same model pose but altering the way I drape the cloth.

This morning I added another three pieces from another new series I've begun to work on: "The Dancer." These are single female statues with poses inspired by my love of (watching) modern and contemporary dance -- the sort of thing that happens when I watch far too many episodes of So You Think You Can Dance featuring routines choreographed by Travis Wall, Tyce Diorio, Mia Michaels, Sonya Tayeh, Stacy Tookey, and others. This will be a companion series to the set of couples modern dance I've already featured there (currently at 25 pieces and counting).

As always, they're completely free and full perm so you can scale or re-texture them as desired (or remove them from their plinths). All are on the upper floor of the main Paramour Shopping building.

To get here, HGTP to where you will arrive in our Welcome region, then take the local portal to Paramour Shopping (please don't HGTP directly...the region is hosted on my home server which can struggle under that load).


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