Saturday, 15 August 2015

Paramour Returns

As some of you may recall, this spring I had a serious system error that required a complete (unscheduled!) factory reset of my computer and one of the casualties of this was my Paramour region -- a sim styled after the 19th century Orientalism art movement.

I began work on the region in November of 2012 and it had gone through a number of iterations until I got the overall style and look I was after. With the variety of other projects I was working on, it wasn't until the summer of 2014 that I opened it to the public, even though it was still under construction as I added more furnishings and scripted objects.

All of that came to a crashing halt in August when OSG went down, taking my region with it. I had many OAR back-ups of it, but all as no-asset ones to keep down my storage requirements. My full-asset back-up was only February 2014, long before I began adding the core interior objects.

I resurrected the region from that OAR and resumed working on it in its new home in Refugegrid and by March 2015 had redone -- and improved on -- most of what I'd lost. That's when my own computer crashed and burned and, like an idiot, I hadn't burned copies of any new oars to CD so it took my backups with it.

Lesson learned. Now I back up no-assets nightly; do full-asset backups weekly which I mirror to an external drive as well;  and burn a hard copy of my most recent OARs once a month. That did nothing to recover any of my earlier losses but at least I won't be subject to that particular nightmare again (knocking on wood).

After having lost all of that work a second time I didn't have the heart to even contemplate doing the Paramour region yet again. The first time is's creative! The second time is a bit more like work with a lot less creativity and a lot more repetition. As I contemplated doing it yet a third time I just didn't have the heart for it.

Instead, I've been working on some other things...a Roman Bath, and a collaborative story project with some friends (the HG Safari got a sneak peek at it last Wednesday), and I finished some assorted scripting porjects (the PMAC system was a direct result of my working on something I needed for Paramour).  During that time I've been patiently waiting for some of my earlier enthusiasm about Paramour to return, for the idea of working in it again to be something I might look forward to rather than dread.

That time has come.

A week or so ago I reloaded my old OAR from February 2014. A couple days later I mustered up the "courage" to TP there and look around, taking stock of exactly what I needed to redo again and mulling over some ideas of how it might be improved upon compared to its two previous incarnations.

So all of that is to say that Paramour is once more under construction, and while I'm working on it I'll leave it open to the public to visit if they wish. In time it will regain more of the lost opulence and be the site of some new creations.

If you'd like to have a look, you can HGTP to and then take the local portal to Paramour. It's still a bit sparse, needing exterior landscaping and more interior furnishings, but it's still a pleasant enough place to visit that I won't be ashamed to show it.

Be patient,'s on my home server so it will take a little longer to rez and the vast majority of the region is mesh with both custom normal and specular maps so there's quite a lot of data to send (and you'll need to be in a high enough graphics setting to allow Advanced Lighting model rendering if you want to get the full intended visuals).

There could also be brief periods where I will need to take if offline to do system and software updates but it should be accessible most of the time.

If you do visit, feel free to come back periodically to see what things are added, replaced, updated, scripted, or otherwise enhanced. Maybe by Christmas 2016 it will be "finished" -- or as finished as any region ever is.

Note: all photos from this post are "current" in the sense that this is what you can expect to see when you come. This is the region reloaded from the original OAR.

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