Friday, 14 August 2015

Because It Needs To Be Said

This week Dorothea Lundquist of OSGrid announced that she and Jay (JayMaze Yao) will be taking a sabbatical from Opensim -- and virtual worlds in general -- with their final Friday party being held on Friday, September 4th.

I suspect there are very few people in the Opensim metaverse who haven't attended at least one of the Friday parties that Doro and Jay have been hosting, weekly, for nearly seven years. I doubt there are many who don't have at least one -- if not many! -- of Doro's creations in their inventory since she has produced so many great items of furniture and clothing over the years, all freely given to anyone who wanted them. Doro and Jay have, in many respects, been the very heart and soul of the Opensim community for years and years and the point that it's hard to contemplate what it will be like while they're away.

I first met Doro and Jay more than 5 years ago when I first came to OSGrid and haven't missed all that many of her parties since then. During the years I like to think we became very good friends, helping one another with various little projects here and there and generally providing one another many moments of social pleasure.

They've been doing this for so long now that they both feel in desperate need of a break -- time to recharge the batteries and an opportunity to rediscover some of that inspiration and creativity that drove them for so long to do and make the things they have. Fridays will feel like "just another day" once there's no D&J Party at Close Encounter to go to (they will be removing their regions once their sabbatical begins).

Hopefully after a while they'll miss our company, the weekly interaction with the many, many friends they've made, and will return to the community. If not, I can only wish them both the very best, and hope that wherever their interest lead them next, they're happy and inspired. It has truly been a privilege and honour to know you both.

To everyone out there in the community, if either of these two stalwarts of Opensim have touched your virtual life in any way, I beg you to take a moment or two to drop them an IM just to say "thanks", or to make an extra effort to come to one of their final parties (held Fridays starting 11:30 grid time, at " Encounter") to do it in person.

And to you both, Doro and Jay, I can only say thank you so very much for your friendship, your generosity, and many, many moments I will never forget. I love you both.

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