Sunday, 23 August 2015


For sim owners who use bleeding-edge Opensim code, please be aware that a recent commit will result in most Paramour products being broken as a result of changes made to list handling.

I have tested and can confirm that the products will run perfectly under opensim-c53f732 r/26180 2015-08-17 but are broken under opensim-62f3399 r/26181 2015-08-18 and later.


I have determined what changes would be necessary to make my products work under the new git master, but I will wait until the developers determine whether the recent change will become a permanent one or whether they will revert to the previous handling.

If they do retain the new methods I will release a revised version of all my products as rapidly as I can. There will probably be other scripts in your regions that would need updating as well -- very likely this will break MLP functionality as well, for instance.

For the time being I strongly recommend using r/26180 or earlier.

EDIT: ***** UPDATE  *****

These changes were reverted today and a new fix has been implemented in r/26193. I will test this as soon as I can and report back on its suitability.

EDIT **** UPDATE *****

I have now tested Melanie's most recent git commits to fix the issue and the current git master continues to fail and break the Dancemaster system and PMAC systems.

opensim-a9beee7 r/26193 2015-08-23 has not yet fixed the issue

***** UPDATE *****

As of opensim- 87247dc r/26194  2015-08-23 the issue appears to be resolved and scripts will behave as expected.

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