Tuesday, 2 June 2015

On Copyright Infringement

My desire to continue donating free products to the Opensim community took a rather large hit today when it was brought to my attention that the user "Kyle Garzo" of the Great Canadian Grid is selling copies of one of my products.

When I contacted +Roddie Macchi , the owner of the Great Canadian Grid and supplied the above proof, he seamed disinterested in speaking to his user unless I filed a formal DMCA take-down request -- essentially saying that the only way GCG will respond to -- or protect -- creators' right is by padding the wallets of lawyers.
<EDIT: removed by request>
Sure, I will go ahead and do this, hoping that I may eventually recoup the legal fees involved; however the chances of doing so are slim. At best I can expect the product to be removed and me to be out of pocket a few hundred dollars.

In some ways I can see it from Roddie's perspective: he doesn't want to just act on heresay; however an unwillingnes to respond to an informal request with proof supplied seems (at least to me) unreassonable.

 Until such time as the issue with GCG is resolved I have suspended all contributions to the Opensim community. I'm sorry that this is the result of one person's actions and one grid's unwillingness to respond without being forced to by lawyers but I also hope you will all understand my position of not wishing to have my own hard work and generosity line someone else's pocket. Edit: the issue now appears to be resolved and I will resume contributions when appropriate.