Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Announcing the release of PMAC v1.02

This is the first update to the PMAC system and includes a couple small bug fixes, a few minor tweaks, and now introduces the brand new NC Props add-on written by +Neothar Cortex  to allow PMAC to rez and position props in the scene. Great job, Neo!

PMAC 1.02 will now also support the use of a PMAC object by NPCs without a "live" user also being present.

Existing PMAC 1.01 users will benefit from the two small corner-case bug fixes and have a few new handy configuration options. No changes are required to your existing set-ups other than to replace the core script.


  • BUGFIX/OVERSIGHT: added flag so if an addon rezzes an object core is prevented from interpreting this as an edit handle being rezzed and entering edit mode
  • BUGFIX: fixed a bug in edit mode list wrapping where advancing from the last animation in a group using "NEXT" would pull the incorrect data for the next (first) animation.
  • TWEAK: now sets a negligible sit target to allow sitting on it from distances greater than 10m (you should be able to sit from anywhere in the same region)
  • TWEAK: When displaying animation number range in dialog menu, display the actual range instead of possible range
  • NEW: added support for the Object-Rezzing prop add-on "NC_PROP" by Neo Cortex (code from Neo)
  • NEW/TWEAK: Altered script logic to optionally allow NPCs to occupy a PMAC object with no "real" avatars being present and added a user configuration variable to enable or disable this feature. By default it will be set to FALSE. If the NPC is to be rezzed by another object/script that script will also need to handle seating it, later unseating it, and removing it from the scene. Initially rezzing a PMAC NPC still requires an avatar user but if that user stands when NPC flag is TRUE, the NPC will not be removed (I'll need to sit down again and remove it). Be careful NOT to reset the core script when a PMAC NPC is still in the scene since this will strand it.
  • NEW/TWEAK: Added new user option to show the groups menu instead of the current group's animation menu when you first initiate the dialog. Subsequently if you close the dialog and re-show it, you should received whatever your most recent dialog was unless someone else was in control in the interim.
For full details of all of PMAC's may other features, please see the initial release announcement.

Pricing and Where to Get It

It's completely free! PMAC is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license and is full-perm.

The full builder's kit version, boxed, is now available in the lobby of my Hedonism Club at and will very soon be available also at Nara's Nook, OSGrid's Wright Plaza, and several of Dorothea Lundquist's stores in OSGrid. Anyone else wishing to make the full boxed kit available in their own stores should contact me for a copy. This contains all of the necessary core components, documentation, the MLP-to-PMAC converter written by +Seth Nygard , the Props add-on by +Neothar Cortex and the Expressions add-on (written by me)...everything you need to enter the next generation of multi-avatar animation controllers.

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