Monday, 4 May 2015


If you are currently using PMAC v1.01 you should be aware the I am in the process of making a few updates in preparation of releasing PMAC v1.02. I anticipate releasing the new edition sometime in the next 7-14 days.

Change log (not yet finalized) for 1.02

  • NEW: PMAC builder's kit will now include the new NC_PROP addon scripted by Neo Cortex which has the capability of rezzing props specific to each pose. This was a core element of MLP and is relatively common so I felt that making the necessary changes to PMAC core to support it was warranted. I'd like to extend a huge thank-you to Neo for this excellent community contribution!

    There is not yet a parsing utility to convert an MLP prop setup to a PMAC one (and it might not be possible to do so due to some configuration/command differences) so the intial setup will have to be done manually, at least in the short term. Perhaps some brave soul will tackle that side of things?
  • BUG/OVERSIGHT FIX: fix the case where a script in the object containing the core script rezzes an object to prevent core from misinterpreting the event call and entering edit mode.
  • NEW/TWEAK: I received requests from several people to allow PMAC to be used by NPCs even if no "real" avatar was still present, including allowing an NPC (rezzed by a different controller) to sit and activate PMAC from its dormant state even without an avatar being present. This will be added as a user setting with TRUE/FALSE flag. If you set it to TRUE to allow NPCs to be there by themselves, it's up to you to remember to remove them when/as necessary either using PMAC's menu or via an external script. I am still testing to ensure this doesn't break anything in corner cases.
  • TWEAK: on state_entry() PMAC now sets a tiny sit target which will now allow you to sit on it from anywhere on the sim instead of having to be within 10m of it. I don't know if the 10m limit is an intended restriction for objects that don't have sit targets or whether it's an Opensim bug...either way, this was a change that was requested and seems reasonable.

None of the changes will invalidate or affect an existing setup. All existing set-ups will remain 100% compatible with 1.02 script with no alterations and there will be no urgent need to update to 1.02 unless you wish to take advantage of the new stuff or tweaks.

If there are any tweaks you'd like me to consider, or bugs you've discovered but haven't reported to be yet, or other things you want me to think about including/changing in the 1.02 release, now is the time to communicate them to be so I'll have time to do so and properly test them if they're feasible.

Barring that, look for a release announcement in the next week or two.

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