Friday, 27 March 2015


Many of the Paramour products I distribute -- and that are now seeing fairly wide-spread use -- require the use of OSSL functions. By default these are disabled in the Opensimulator builds from the main web site; and other distributions typically enable them for only very low thread functions. The ones my products typically use are higher threat than that and require some adjustments to the opensim.ini [XEngine] section.

It has come to my attention that there are a few people "helping" others by instructing them to change the global setting to "VeryHigh" instead. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS!!! The functions with very high threat level are usually given that rating for a reason and have a high potential to be abused by malicious scripters. Globally allowing them for all scripts in the region is like having unprotected sex with every person on the planet!

Functions with high threat level should ONLY be enabled for a highly trusted subset of users in your regions. Typically that's the ESTATE_OWNER and probably the ESTATE_MANAGER as well. In some situations PARCEL_OWNER would also meet those criteria for many functions.

I urge you to read the instructions I supply with each item to correctly and safely enable OSSL for only those users.

You may find complete details about threat level and configurataion options at the website.

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