Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Is It Possible for Blender Array Modifiers to Get Any More Fun?

(copied from my original G+ post)
Today we answer the question "Is it possible for Blender array modifiers to get any more fun?"

After playing with this third tutorial I hope you'll agree that the answer is a resounding "YES!". At the end I show a couple examples: the first is simple straight chains holding up some drapes, and the other is a very complex chain shape (that's easy to make!) to chain a tiger to a fence.

Target Level: Beginner (to moderate for more difficult shapes)
Time Required: About 30 minutes
Objective: Show you how to make a chain for use in building projects or jewellery.



When making chains, keeping the vertex count of your "link" to a minimum is important because we can easily end up with a lot of them. Using a very high quality link can look gorgeous until you have several hundred of them in a row and your graphics card catches fire (not to mention it will take ages for the sim to send the mesh data to the viewer).

Think carefully about the intended use and tailor your link's vertex count to this. Also remember that "smooth" shading on the faces can make a pretty low poly torus look extremely good.
And here are few examples of this in action
The chains holding the drapes in Paramour
A more elaborate one to chain the tiger to the fence

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