Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Fun With Blender Arrays - Novice Edition

Fun With Blender Arrays - Novice Edition
(copied from my original post in G+)

Here's something to play with on the weekend...if you're a Blender beginner and have never played around with modifiers here's a super-easy quick step-by-step tutorial for some fun you can have with the Blender array modifier.

Enjoy :)

Target Level: Novice
Time Required: 10 minutes....which is going to turn into hours of fun!

Caveat: I am not responsible if you end up missing meals, neglecting children or pets, and spend the next day or two playing with patterns.

Here are some examples of this technique in action:
The gates in my Paramour sim at Refuge Grid

The screens inside the palace too

My Hedonism dance club main structure is a twisted array 

I should add a couple other notes that I didn't include in my little tutorial panels....

- If you want to make something using this technique and import it to Opensim you will want to keep the number of segments of your torus as low as you can (which keeps the vertex counts at sane values). Even so, it's pretty easy to get huge vertex counts.

- If you want to put a texture on the object, do your UV-mapping on the single object....all other array objects will inherit the mapping.

- You need to "apply" the arrays before exporting to Collada format (click the "apply" button on each of the array modifiers)

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