Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Chains Revisited -- the S-Link

(copied from my original G+ post)
In my previous Blender array tutorial we looked at one method of creating a chain. Today we look at a slightly different type of link that is more popular for crafting jewellery -- the S-link chain.

Panel 5

And a few examples of it in action

Belly Chain and
Garter Chains

Full body chain

One thing I forgot to include in the tutorial...

If you find that you later need to scale your link a bit, you have 3 choices:

1. Apply the lattice modifier then scale the link after that. In many cases this is the most convenient but it locks in your twist so you can't go back and easily change that.


2. Select the lattice object, enter edit mode, select all control points and scale. Depending on the link vertex count this can create some odd shaping issues


3. The best method is select your link, enter edit mode, and scale it by a known amount (example: hotkey "S 0.8" would scale it to 80% of its previous size). Switch back to object mode and select the lattice. While still in object mode, scale it by the same amount that you scaled your link.

In general:
- any scaling done to the link in object mode has to be applied
- any scaling done to a lattice in object mode must not be applied

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